Privacy Policy

SiteAlerts is an app that provides merchants using Shopify to set up custom alerts that trigger when certain events or conditions are met. This Privacy Policy explains how personal information is collected, used and shared when using SiteAlerts.

How SiteAlerts uses your information

SiteAlerts integrates with Shopify’s API to access your store’s order, customer, and product data to be able to allow the user to be alerted when their rule conditions are met. The data that is received is stored until the app is uninstalled.

SiteAlerts also stores user data to help improve the app, the offering and for app analytics.

SiteAlerts does not share any information with any third parties with the exception of third party services used for reporting such as Google Analytics.


How can I have my information removed from SiteAlerts?

When the app is uninstalled, all store data is deleted from SiteAlerts’ data centers.


How Cookies are used on SiteAlerts

Cookies are small snippets of data that is sent from SiteAlerts to the user’s browser and is stored on the user’s computer. SiteAlerts uses cookies for authentication, analytics and to improve the user experience.

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