Custom Email Alerts for Shopify

    What is Multify SiteAlerts?    

Every good ecommerce manager wants to stay on top of the health of their store, whether it be in case there’s a problem with the store itself, or simply knowing when potential order issues arise. Waiting for customers to alert you to problems can cost a store lost orders and lost profits. Knowing about a problem early can mean the difference between happy, return customers, and the opposite, lost customers.


Using Multify SiteAlerts, you can get alerts for any of the following events:

  • New orders that are potential fraud
  • Orders that are abnormally high (set by you)
  • Orders that are abnormally low (set by you)
  • Unusual order volume (too many orders, too few orders)
  • Unusual number of cancelled orders
  • International orders
  • … With more alerts being added all the time!

Take control of your store!

  • Keep customer service clued in to customer experience
  • Catch potential ordering issues early on
  • Keep a pulse on the health of your store
  • Address site bugs before being notified by customers

    $9.99/ month    

Instantly make your business more efficient by:


Managing all of your Shopify stores from a single, simple interface


Providing better customer service by accessing all of your stores’ customers in one place


Viewing aggregate reporting for your most important metrics across all stores


Adding your products once and syncing each one to any or all of your stores


Integrating with your ERP system or warehouse once and using it for multiple stores


Keeping your test environment completely synced with your live site

…and much, much more!

Install multify SiteAlerts now!

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