Multi-Admin was born from the need of ecommerce managers to sync multiple Shopify stores, allowing them to seamlessly manage each store from a single interface.

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Want to manage all of your Shopify stores in one place? Install Multi-Admin and stop doing double (or triple) the work.

Multi-Admin allows Shopify store owners to manage multiple stores via a single app. With Multi-Admin, you can sync products, collections, orders, customers, and more across all of your stores. You can also view aggregate reporting on your stores’ traffic, sales, and customers.


Multify Connector

Need to have a simple way to sync/export your data out of Shopify?

Multify Connector is an integrated app that syncs all of your products, collections, and orders in your Shopify store.

Multify Connector allows for all other Multify apps to do their magic such as creating custom reporting, connecting to ERP systems and warehouses, and utilizing multi-admin functionality.

Pricing: $50/ month 


Google Shopping Plus (with Bing)

Want to advertise your Shopify products on Google Shopping and Bing Shopping?

Google Shopping Plus (with Bing) allows store owners and digital marketers to easily send their products from Shopify to the Google and Bing Merchant Centers.

Beginners — Send your products to the Merchant Center in minutes, and our Instant Feed Optimizer will optimize your feed with some of the most important feed optimizations – automagically!

Advanced users — Have complete, granular control over each product attribute to optimize your feed exactly as you need it. Easily create feeds for multiple countries and languages without using time-consuming manual feeds.

Coming Soon



Need that custom report for your CEO?

Multify can generate custom ecommerce reports using the Multify Connector. Reports can be customized and accessed via your Shopify admin as well as being scheduled to run automatically.

Pricing: Contact Us

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